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Terrastruct is a tool to create programmable diagrams for visualizing software systems. We bring together data powering your organization, and let you create dynamic diagrams that respond to the real-time changes in that data. Instead of an unchanging snapshot, Terrastruct diagrams visualize the live state of your software system.

Everyone loves a good diagram, and diagrams are essential when looking for documentation. But with the current tools, it's hard to create good diagrams of software architecture. General-purpose diagramming tools try to fit every size -- whether you're in marketing, HR, or engineering. The problem is that engineering diagrams are orders of magnitude more complex. You're forced to map out this layered mental model you have in your head onto a one-dimensional image, and it just doesn't work. It's like using Microsoft word to write code.

Good documentation is a productivity multiplier. The majority of an engineer's time is spent building up mental models, and only a tiny fraction to write the code. Our mission is to perfect the tooling around planning and documenting software design for teams so that you can ship faster and build more robust software.

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Let's get to know the basics of Terrastruct and start creating your first diagram