Additional diagram features

Keyboard shortcuts

To view a full list of keyboard shortcuts, simply click on the Keyboard Shortcut button on the bottom right of the window, or press “?” on your keyboard.

New/load diagrams

Your diagrams are automatically saved after each change. To create a new diagram, hover over the title of the current diagram to trigger the main menu, go to Diagram, and select New.

To load existing diagrams you have already created, go to the same sub-menu, and click Load. A modal will appear with all the diagrams you've created, as well as all the diagrams shared by your team.


If there is a group of items that you find particularly useful and would like to save for future use, you can save it as a template. Once you have selected the objects in a group, click on the Save Template button in the Modifier. If you click on the Templates button in the Selector, you'll be able to view your saved templates, as well as those saved by your team.

What’s Next

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