Github integration

Terrastruct has a Github App which can be installed into any of your repositories. The Github App only has permissions that allow us to read commit and pull request metadata (e.g. who, when, what). The Github App does not have permission to read content.

Some example queries for Github data:

  • When was the last commit to this repository?
    • LAST(gh_commits.time) | repo_name = "terrastruct-backend"
  • How many PRs did someone close?
    • COUNT(gh_prs) | owner_username = "berniexie" AND state="closed"
  • How many PRs does someone need to review?
    • COUNT(gh_prs) | "berniexie" IN reviewers AND state="opened"


To install this integration, simply follow the directions of the in-app prompt:

Github integrationGithub integration

Github integration