If you cannot find an icon you like in the existing options, you can click on the Search button in the right-hand panel to find a custom image from the web. You can also add custom images from your own computer.

There are two ways to upload images. The most traditional way is to click on the Uploads button in the Selector. You can then click on Upload to bring up the file selector and select the images you would like to upload. Alternatively, without clicking on any menus, simply drag and drop the image you would like into the diagram. When you upload a JPEG or PNG, it will be uploaded as an image, and if you upload an SVG, it will be uploaded as an icon.



Note: The maximum file size for free user images is 300 KB. Once you add an image to the diagram, it will be automatically saved as part of your account for future use.

The Uploads modal will show images and icons that you have uploaded in the past. If you are part of a team, you can also see the images that have been uploaded by your team here.

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