Import & export

Exporting diagrams

You can export your diagram to PDF, PowerPoint, or PNG. To do so, hover over the main menu on the diagram, select Export, and choose your desired format. Exporting may take a few minutes to process before it automatically downloads.

Sync with Github

You can also export your diagrams to a Github repository. If you change your diagram on Terrastruct, we automatically update changes to the Github repository in the next hour.

To export to Github, hover over the Main Menu and click on Sync with Github. Follow the instructions and links on the screen to register the Terrastruct bot with your repository.

Note: Ensure that each repository only has one registered diagram.

Import from relational database schema

If you would like to insert table metadata from a database such as Postgres, you can use the Import Database feature. To do so, click on the main menu, hover over Import and then click on database. Paste and run the given query in your query editor, and save the resulting output to a .csv file.

Upload the .csv file into the uploader, and your tables will automatically be loaded. Tables uploaded will include the name of each column and its corresponding data type.

Note: All tables in your current schema will be loaded onto the diagram.

If you would like to modify a table, double-click on it in the diagram. Furthermore, if you would like to add a table without importing, you have the option to add a table as a shape.



Additional questions?

If there was something on here that you found unclear, or if you just wanted to give us some suggestions or feedback, please use the Send feedback button located in the bottom left-hand corner of the app, or email us at [email protected] for more support.