Account management

Account Settings

You can change accounts settings in the Account Settings modal. To access the modal, click on Account Settings in the main menu. Alternatively, you can click on the avatar circle next to the Invite button. There, you can change your account email, password, subscription, and team management.


To make changes to your team, find the panel by clicking on the Team admin panel button in account settings. You will find a list of all your current team members here. If you are an admin for your team, you can add and remove members. Click on the Add Member button on the top right to add a member. Click the minus icon at the far right to remove a member.

Team Collaboration

Team members can work on the same diagram simultaneously. To open a team diagram, hover over the main menu and click on the Load button. Next, toggle to the Team Diagram view to see all of your team’s diagrams. It is important to note that you need permissions to edit team diagrams. Your current permission will be shown in the Can Edit column.

Team diagramsTeam diagrams

Team diagrams

Shared/Embed Diagrams

From the main menu, click Embed & Share to embed your diagram on your blog, a Confluence page, or anywhere else with an iFrame. Add the code snippet to your website, and adjust height and width as needed.

What’s Next