One of the most unique features of Terrastruct is that you can split up your diagram along 2 different dimensions.

If you're able to fit everything neatly onto one image, that keeps things simplest. But, most engineering diagrams end up being too messy when squeezed onto a single image, or the author omits too many important details to get it to look nice on a single image.

Terrastruct's solution to this is to provide two additional dimensions to a single image:

  1. Layers split up a diagram among levels of abstraction. Imagine a top level view of data centers, where going down one level gets to the clusters in each DC, until you get to the individual machines and even processes running on them.


  1. Scenarios let you add dedicated sequences within each Layer to explain important scenarios that occur in your diagram. For example, what happens when a data center goes down, what are the disaster recovery plans?


Scenarios are traversed in sequential order in Steps.