Registration and Login


When first accessing, you will be prompted to create an account on the website. Currently, Terrastruct also supports Google, Github, and Facebook as single-sign-on (SSO) methods.

Log in

If you already have created an account, you can log in by clicking Sign In on the top right of the Sign-Up menu.

Account Tiers

When you first sign up, you will automatically be put on the free plan, which includes all of Terrastruct's features at a limited capacity. At any time, you can upgrade to one of two paid plans, which includes unlimited access to premium features and increased privacy protection. Further details about the paid plans can be found on our home page under the pricing section.

Using the App

Upon logging in, you will automatically be taken to the main screen (see below), where you can begin creating diagrams. The logout button can be found by hovering over the main menu in the title of the diagram.

Editor mode viewEditor mode view

Editor mode view

What’s Next