Screen Layout

Labeled editor modeLabeled editor mode

Labeled editor mode

The main layout of the screen is shown above. The center of the screen includes the main canvas, where shapes and other elements will be placed to create your diagram. The left-hand side includes the layer panel on the top and the scenario panel on the bottom. These will be covered in more detail in later sections. The long column with multiple buttons is known as the Selector and will be covered in great detail in this section. The far-right panel is known as the Modifier.

Using the Modifier

When no specific object is selected, the modifier allows you to adjust diagram-level settings, such as:

  • Enabling a grid in your editor
  • Showing a hand-drawn presentation mode
  • Allowing animated transitions
  • Adjusting the theme.
    When a shape or other element is selected, the modifier will change to allow for greater customizability for that specific object. Finally, click on the expand button in the top right-hand corner to enter full-screen mode.

What’s Next