Text can be added to your diagram in three ways, two of which will attach the text to a shape or connection.

The simplest way to add a label to a particular shape is by double-clicking on a shape. An alternative method is to click on the Add Label button in the Modifier or after you right-click on the shape. This will automatically add the label in the middle of your shape.

You must click out of the shape to save the text. With the label position helper in the Modifier, you can adjust the text placement. You can edit the content of your text again by double-clicking directly on the shape.


In addition to text, shapes can also display a tooltip. When a tooltip is added, the text will appear when your mouse hovers over the object in presentation mode. Note that the content of the tooltip will not appear in editor mode. Shapes with tooltips will have three dots marked on the top of the shape. You can press “T” in presentation mode to toggle on all tooltips. Click on Edit Tooltip in the Modifier to edit the contents of the tooltip.

Free Text

If you would like to add text that is not attached to any particular shape, click on the Text button in the Selector. This will add an editable text box to your diagram. You can also adjust the position of the text within its bounding box by adjusting the Text position in the Modifier.