Using Shapes

Shapes form the building blocks of any diagram. To access shapes, mouse-over the first button on the Selector. You can find many of the most popular shapes for diagrams here.

Adding Shapes to your Diagram

There are three ways to add a shape to your diagram. You can click on any shape in the selector and Terrastruct will automatically place it in the center of your diagram.

Alternatively, you can drag the shape to its desired location on your diagram. Finally, right-click in the diagram to open the shape selector menu. Simply click or hold and release your mouse on the desired shape in the menu to add it to the canvas.

Modifying Shapes

If you would like to resize your shape and make it taller, wider, etc, you can click on the shape in the diagram and adjust the size using the dark blue resizing bars. You can edit the shape's style by clicking on the shape and making adjustments in the Modifier panel on the right side.

What’s Next